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Are you looking to diversify some of your company’s assets by investing a chunk of money in Bitcoin?

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Fixed Pricing

Stay protected from fluctuating prices. Get a single rate that can be executed instantly with zero hassles.

Fast Settlement

Fast and direct settlement of transactions into your cryptocurrency wallet and local currency bank account.

How the Quidax Over-the-Counter service works

Our Over-the-counter (OTC) desk allows you to buy/sell high volume (more than $300,000) of Crypto stocks quickly and safely. With transactions that are settled directly into your crypto wallet or local currency bank account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Quidax Vault?-

This is a Quidax feature that helps you stake your QDX. The QDX Vault gives you access to Airdrops (free cryptocurrencies that you would have had to buy on your own). All you need to do is buy QDX and stake it in the QDX Vault to earn free cryptocurrencies and other rewards.

The average amount you stake in the QDX Vault over the staking period will determine how many tokens you will receive.

Anyone in the world can use the QDX Vault apart from US Citizens and OFAC sanctioned countries